Washington DC Courses

Enrollment Options

Students will participate in leadership workshops and seminars each morning and will choose one of the following options for their afternoon course:

► Choose ONE Option:

  • Internship
  • Community Service 

Course Overview

ACA’s Washington, D.C. program offers the kind of personal enrichment courses that build confidence for college while also giving you the chance to grow academically and intellectually.

The ACA experience gives you a welcome preview of college life, and still delivers plenty of opportunity to enhance your knowledge and pursue your interests. Learn what it takes to be a true global leader through interactive workshops and seminars, participate in a fulfilling internship or serve the community while engaging in enriching projects. Enjoy these opportunities and do it all in an amazing summer setting, surrounded by new friends and without the pressure of grades!

ACA enrichment options are held Monday through Friday, and are taught by academic professionals such as college professors, graduate students, secondary school instructors and D.C.-area professionals. Instructors teach in an interactive, seminar style, creating a supportive environment that encourages you to actively participate in your selected program. As an added benefit, ACA’s instructors are always happy to write recommendation letters for college.

 ACA's Social Leadership & Global Service Program 

ACA’s Social Leadership & Global Service program is the perfect opportunity for future leaders to hone and develop their leadership skills. Successful leadership is not only about leading, but also about serving communities, constituents and local government. Washington, D.C. is the premier place to learn and explore past leaders and their leadership skills and style. ACA students will engage in discussions and seminars with speakers from around the D.C. area as well as enjoy the energy of America’s capital. ACA students will depart this program ready to exercise their leadership skills on any high school or college campus and beyond.

Vince Lombardi once said, “Leaders aren’t born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. And that’s the price we’ll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal.” During ACA’s Leadership & Global Service program, we work to make future leaders for tomorrow’s challenges. Students are disciplined and pushed each morning in engaging leadership development courses, and, each afternoon, the students participate in the local community to put their leadership skills and service into action through a variety of social and service projects. Whether students are fundraising for a charity, serving at soup kitchens or tutoring underprivileged youth, our students are growing into tomorrow’s greatest leaders. 

Community leaders and activists will hold lectures and discussions regarding community improvement and the impact each student can have on his or her own community. The core value of this program is impact. The students are encouraged to take the tools that they have received while on this program back to their own high schools and towns to share them with other community members and student leaders. ACA strives to give each student the confidence needed to make positive change and lead others in successful and strategic ways.

In a world where stereotypes and the unknown can foster fear, leadership programs that promote cross-cultural communication offer the skills for today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders. ACA works with the students to not only prepare for college, but to prepare for a diversified workplace and future. Empathy, patience, and understanding cannot always be taught in a classroom; some must be taught through real life experiences. Students have the opportunity to build a sense of community not only inside the classroom, but in their day-to-day lives through hard work and various service projects.

Aside from the workshops, seminars and volunteer projects, ACA offers afternoon, evening and weekend activities that involve team building, cultural excursions, recreational sports, campus visits, tours and more. Combining all of these experiences together encourages and teaches the students to effectively communicate together in an effort to work as a team and build a strong sense of self and self esteem as a future leader. 

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