2018 Individual Homestay Program in Los Angeles

  • Unforgettable locations and comfortable accommodations

  • Unmatched English courses and cultural immersion options

  • Unbeatable personalized attention from outstanding staff, host families and professional

ACA's Individual Homestay Program is an ideal exchange program for students that are comfortable traveling from their home country unaccompanied and exploring the U.S. independently in their host community. This program gives participants a chance to experience a full immersion program designed to be fun, engaging and educational. To further enhance the cultural and educational immersion component of the program, each participant may also have the opportunity to attend some community activities.

ACA's Individual Homestay Program is an ideal program for college students from all over the world. It's a chance to become a member of an American family, study English and of course, learn more about the culture, customs and lifestyle in US. Getting to US is as easy as buying air tickets; getting the chance to actually meet American people is much more difficult. So why not make your own home away from home in America? Students who wish to learn more about American culture should join this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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