Complete your ACA Spanish experience with exciting weekend adventures to nearby locations at no additional cost.  Travel by modern, deluxe motorcoaches to unforgettable destinations.  Rest easy, because you always stay in safe, comfortable accommodations.  On every adventure, ACA staff are there to make sure your experience is worry-free.

Tossa de Mar (Costa Brava)

This coastal village was founded in the 8th century – B.C.! The first settlers arrived from Greece some 3000 years ago and fell in love with this scenic beach location. You’re sure to as well! The beach scene here is a funky, fun blend of Spanish and French. (The French border is mere minutes away.) The combination of seaside sun-worshiping and eclectic cultural mix makes for one of ACA’s most unique beach stops!

Universal’s Port Aventura Amusement Park

About an hour from Barcelona, this is Spain’s largest and best-loved theme park! It features a series of internationally themed regions highlighting the Mediterranian Sea, Mexico, China, the Wild West, and Polynesia among others. Roller-coaster fans won’t want to miss the famous Furious Baco, a wild thrill machine that can reach speeds of almost 85 miles per hour! Another favorite is the Stampida, a classic dueling wooden roller-coaster.


Take a cable car ride to the top of this beautiful mountain retreat, home to a 1,000-year-old Benedictine monastery; a museum featuring rare works by Picasso, Dalí, and El Greco; and a surprising collection of treasures from ancient Egypt. There’s even a mummy! Montserrat is most famous, however, simply for its stunning views of the Pyrenees and coastal islands. We’ll take an adventurous hike through the most scenic spots, followed by a hearty picnic 725 meters above sea level!


This fascinating ancient city is located where five rivers come together. Girona has been buffeted by the winds of history for thousands of years – and it has the character to prove it! Its original inhabitants were the Iberians themselves, who were followed by the Romans, who were conquered by the Visigoths, who were conquered by the Moors, who were then kicked out by Charlemagne. The old Jewish quarter, which thrived for hundreds of years, is one of the best preserved in all of Europe, and was home to Catalonia’s great Rabbi Nahmanides.


The birthplace of Salvador Dalí, this Catalonian capital is home to the Teatre-Museu Dalí – a museum celebrating the artist’s life and work. Within its strikingly modern walls sits the town’s original theater, which was one of the first to feature Dalí’s works. It was bombed during the Spanish Civil War and rebuilt to honor the city’s most famous son. Dalí himself is actually buried in a crypt below the museum, adding an appropriately cryptic touch to what is sure to be a surreal experience!


Our weekend in Sitges takes you to a true “hidden gem” among European resort towns. Celebrated for the many artistic events and a popular film festival, Sitges is also one of the most naturally beautiful locations you’ll ever encounter! It’s has a postcard-perfect beach with incredible seaside views and beautiful rolling hills that provide a breathtaking backdrop. It may be the most scenic stop in Spain!


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