ACA Global & Social Leadership

Leadership is the key to success.

Out in Front: Strategies for Leadership Success

Ready to be a real leader? If you plan on being on top, running things as a true entrepreneur, you need to know how to call the plays with charisma and control. This seminar introduces you to the skills true leaders use to manage and motivate, getting excellence out of everyone on their team. You'll study great leaders from business, politics, non-profits and athletics, learning what they have in common and what makes each of them unique. You'll also examine your own leadership attributes, learning your leadership style and finding the best way for you to move forward toward success.

Interpersonal and Group Communication

From the words we use to the way we walk, from our pronunciation to our posture, we communicate with hundreds of people thousands of times every day. And today, our interactions are not just face-to-face. And whether we're talking or texting, we're trying to keep cool and in control. Learn how to master your own communications styles, how to approach others and interpret the ways we interact, whether one on one or in a group.

Power of Persuasion: Negotiation Strategies

How do salesmen win customers? How do political leaders collaborate on intricate international agreements? What about attorneys negotiating complex legal settlements? In each of these situations, the person who can be the most articulate and convincing is going to get the best end of the deal. Make sure that person is you! This is where you'll study persuasive strategies that give you the power to negotiate for the advantages you deserve. Make it happen!


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