"This trip was life changing!"

Hi, my name is Liv. This past summer I went to Florence with ACA to take Photography and art, as well as see some incredible destinations scattered around Italy. This trip was life changing because it brought my best friends and me close together, meanwhile offering us the opportunity to explore the world.

Ten Things To Do in Florence

With our Summer Study Abroad Florence Program open for enrollment, we list our picks for top activities to enjoy while comparatively learning culture, art, design and business through the SRISA institute.

Discover Piazza della Signoria

The city’s historic republic center is where Michelangelo’s 17 foot tall masterpiece stands. Spend some Time with David before exploring Cosimo de Medici’s palace, the Palazzo Vecchio.

Packing Tips for Every Traveler

Packing Tips for Every Traveler

Know baggage-fee policy

The Importance of Low Student to Teacher Ratios

 There are a lot of factors that determine how much any student will get from his/her education. One factor that hardly anyone dispute anymore is the student to teacher ratio or class size. Generally speaking, classes with small a number of students and a larger percentage of teachers are better learning environments. Because of this fact, many states have enacted legislation mandating a maximum student-teacher ratio.
What is Student-Teacher Ratio?

"The best summer ever"

Participating in the American Collegiate Adventures Madison, Wisconsin program was the best summer ever and overall an amazing experience. The summer going into my junior year of high school I was looking for something to do that was not only going to be fun but also informative. ACA Wisconsin was both as it gives students who are nervous about beginning the college process a taste of what college will be like. The program allows students to live the life of a college student for the summer, meeting new people, taking classes with real college professors and living in a college dorm.

"A constant feeling and vibe unlike any other"

Thinking back on my ACA Wisconsin experience, it is much too difficult to pick out a specific memory of the countless greats.Though everyday was filled with fun, laughter, and adventure, I think back to waking up every morning. I would wake up and make my way downstairs to see all my friends who I had grown to love, chatting and making the best of an average morning. The greatest thing was the feeling of comfort and peace, being with people I could call friends and spending quality time in such an amazing environment.

A Day at Wisconsin

A Day at Wisconsin

Each day on the ACA Wisconsin Pre-College Summer Program was exciting, different, and memorable. The days were made up of enrichment class 1, lunch, enrichment class 2, chill time, afternoon activity, dinner, and evening activity. Before beginning the trip, everyone signed up for two classes; I chose Advertising, Marketing, and Pop Culture as my morning class and community service for the afternoon. My roommates and I had, and still have, a severe addiction to coffee. Luckily for us, our door, the Statesider, is on State Street, the busiest street on campus.

Trip insurance worth few extra bucks

American Collegiate Adventures, Inc. offers a travel protection plan that allows you to protect your travel investment at an affordable rate. From injury and illness to delayed baggage, ACA has you covered.

Why invest pre college programming

As many of you may know investing in just a regular education is quite expensive, so why would anyone invest in supplemental educational experiences? Well the answer is simple, competitive edge. The moment your student is asked what sets him or her apart from another student, his or her answers will involve experiences from their summer programs. Every student will not be able to say that he or she studied film in LA every summer since the age of 14 and worked with experts in the field to create their own film by the age of 16.

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